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Leading Change Uganda
"An Informed, Educated, Empowered and Just Society"

Get Involved Here

"An informed, educated, empowered and Just Society"

What You Can Do

LCU gives you the opportunity to be part of the change makers for a world in which all women, children and youth are fully included as equal members of society. Simply donate, volunteer or support in anyway, so that we can continue our vital work, or let us know if you want to take part in an incredibly rewarding fundraiser event and or become an Ambassador for Leading Change Uganda in your country of residence!
Make a Major Gift
Make a Major Gift in numerous ways, you could choose to start up a child fund, sponsor a child or children to go to school. Help a Family in Uganda Escape hunger due to the COVID-19 Lockdown.
Make a Living Will & Testament
Leave a Trail by making a bequest in the favor of the women and children of Leading Change Uganda. Think of generations upfront with a gift in your will!
Donate Now
You can also make an immediate and direct donation to help support the projects of Leading Change Uganda
Become a Goodwill Ambassador
Through our ambassador program we source for persons who have made a name for themselves and use their strong voice to share the plight of women and children as well as help us grow. Raise funds in your nation or at a community event.
Be a Friend of LCU
Join our network of friends, our network of friends works with us and helps in any way and every way. Contact us if you want to join our friends network.
Engage with us, Volunteer at LCU across the various projects, you could impact a child, and a woman, you could make their lives different forever.
Be A Junior Friend
Children can truly support each other! Learning from each others experiences. The disparity between the lives of children living in poverty can be a great learning lesson to children that are advantaged. If you want to arrange a visit for your children; just contact us.
Involve your Company in a CSR
Involve your company, you can do that by sponsoring any of our projects and programs, you can also engage your company through your own established projects if they align with our objects. Start a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign.

Writing a Will Testament/Bequest

Write a 'WILL Testament' in favor of the Women, Children and Youth of Leading Change Uganda

Charitable giving is a personal choice. Some people give to express appreciation for a good experience. Others wish to honor someone or make a gift in memory of someone who has profoundly impacted their lives. Still others wish to make an investment in a long-standing institution or in today’s youths and children and what they will someday accomplish in education, enterprise etc.. Whatever your reason   for giving, we hope you will reflect on your relationship with Leading Change Uganda and make us a philanthropic priority by writing our efforts in your WILL Testament. Your gifts will bring lasting value and will make a tangible difference to the future of LCU.

Leading Change Uganda is a not for profit, nonpartisan youth led non-governmental organization registered as a company limited by guarantee without share capital, registration number 80020000007536.

Sample Will & Testament document

Disclaimer Note: You dont really need an attorney to write your Will, lawyers purposely intervene to direct you as per governing law for your state, nation or country. If you think you can do it yourself then the above samples should guide you, you just need to download them. otherwise; if you do not trust yourself to do it, relevantly seek legal counsel. Click here to know more

Making a Major Gift

Make a Major Gift

You can make a major gift in various ways. See How Below;

  • Cash gifts made by cash, check or money order
  • Pledge – Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually (If you would like to make a pledge to Leading Change Uganda, we will remind you when your pledge payment is due one month before your payment is due)
  • Credit card gifts made via your VISA, MasterCard, American Express Card, or   Discover. These gifts may also be made by simply clicking here .
  • Gifts of securities made by transferring stocks, bonds or other marketable   securities
  • Gifts of tangible personal property, including real estate, and Bequests
  • Planned gifts, that include bequests, charitable trusts or gifts of Health insurance to children (To obtain specific instructions for Stock Gifts, Personal Property or Planned Gifts or In-Kind donations, please call Leading Change Uganda at +256 779 196 023).
  • Be a Friend of LCU, give regularly, your continued giving in whatever amounts can make a great difference in a child's life daily ($1 US   dollar can make a meal for 2 children a day)

For additional information or to discuss options that are not listed above, contact Leading Change Uganda office at or call +256 779 196 023.

Becoming an Ambassador

Ambassador Program

You can make a difference in our efforts;

Our Ambassador program runs 3 support channels to help augment contributions, sponsorships and donations with remote means through which personalities that wish to
support our efforts can   make additional support by for example grant writing, fundraising, and   volunteer sourcing among others. Through these efforts we build support for the women, children and youth, where we help them to candidly talk about   their challenges, fears, hopes, and dreams, and anything else that concerns   their journey of success, volunteers and the funds collected can help facilitate our efforts. This helps us understand the women and children better and allows us to help them even better.
As an Ambassador we need your intervention to establish a chapter of Leading Change Uganda in your country, to act as a footprint of ourselves in your country for the purpose to mobilise financial resources to support the organization and make our impact with women, children and youths more substantial. An example of the role of an Ambassador is to establish a sort of 501 (c) 3 for the case of the United States, this allows our organization to mobilize funding officially from the US as a US organization operating outside of the US.
As a supporting Ambassador, you can help us share the word about Leading Change Uganda, your support will help the world know about what we do here, and could perhaps get us a volunteer, a donor, and or connect us with more disadvantaged people.

As a Championing Ambassador, you get to help LCU mobilize resources locally and internationally, these resources have no boundaries, it is anything of value to the organization, to the children, women and youths. Are you a Lawyer, we could use your services to help an abused child, are you a grant writer, you could help us get funding and etc. We need you!

Corporate Social Responsibility

This is an equal opportunity for your company and Leading Change Uganda, We would like that you partner with us in a way of giving back to the community.

We work with corporate companies and help them get involved with their communities, through Leading Change Uganda. The Companies that we associate with are commonly local companies which contribute financially to our efforts, they also bring along their staff to provide training, and psychosocial support to the women, children and youth under our stewardship.

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