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"An Informed, Educated, Empowered and Just Society"

How To Donate

"An informed, educated, empowered and Just Society"

Why Donate

Your donation to LCU works  to empower underserved women and Children through economic, health and  nutrition, education and leadership development programs; creating  opportunities while addressing inequality, strengthening social systems that  reduce the vulnerability to poverty, disease, hunger, illiteracy and the rights  of women and Children. Your donation transforms a child, a youth and a  disadvantaged woman!

Where To Donate

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Wangari Women Project
LCU through the Wangari Women Project empowers women through programs that combine providing women with micro loans, business skills, health education, access to justice, support against gender based violence, access to critical information, and leadership development programming into a single service reaching underserved women in urban-Rural towns and villages. Women receive small group loans bundled with social and educational services, allowing them to create an opportunity for sustainability, increased food security, enterprise, health and nutrition.
Smile of a Child Project
LCU through the Smile of a Child project works to bring a smile to a child who has rather lost hope for happiness in life. The children in our care are ether destitute, abandoned, children to single mothers, reforming street children with no parents and totally no future. Your donation makes a great difference in their lives by making them
realize that they are valued, loved, appreciated, and giving them a meal.
Education for All
LCU through the Education for All Program dedicates your financial and resource contribution towards ensuring that children get access to education financing, scholastic materials, playing tools because we believe that ‘playing’ is a great educator which helps to build the cognitive abilities of children.
Community Reading Club
The Community Reading Club reaches out to children by providing them with training in aspects such as how to live and be helpful in a homely environment as well as reading opportunities for academic, leisurely and cognitive development. Your donation will buy a book today and eventually it will be a building block to the establishment of
a children’s library equipped with games, STEM learning and play materials.

Donor Catalogue

You can donate through direct account debit/EFT, please fill in this form so we will send you our banking details to allow you arrange a standing order with your bank.
Thank You!


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Smile of a Child project
Wangari Women’s Project
Education for All Program
Community Reading Club
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Women Revolving Micro-finance Scheme
Smile of a Child project
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