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Leading Change Uganda
"An Informed, Educated, Empowered and Just Society"

Ambassador Program

"An informed, educated, empowered and Just Society"

Become An Ambassador

Our Ambassador program runs 3 support channels to help augment contributions, sponsorships and donations with remote means through which personalities that wish to support our efforts can make additional support by for example grant writing, fundraising, and volunteer sourcing among others. Through these efforts we build support for the women, children and youth, where we help them to candidly talk about their challenges, fears, hopes, and dreams, and anything else that concerns their journey of success, volunteers and the funds collected can help facilitate our efforts. This helps us understand them better and help them even better.

Supporting Ambassador

As a supporting Ambassador, you can help us share the word about Leading Change Uganda, your support will help the world know about what we do here, and could perhaps get us a volunteer, a donor, and or connect us with more disadvantaged people.

Championing Ambassador

As a Championing Ambassador, you get to help LCU mobilize resources locally and internationally, these resources have no boundaries, it is anything of value to the organization, to the children, women and youths. Are you a Lawyer, we could use your services to help an abused child, are you a grant writer, you could help us get funding and etc. We need you!


As an Ambassador we need your intervention to establish a chapter of Leading Change Uganda in your country, to act as a footprint of ourselves in your country for the purpose to mobilise financial resources to support the organization and make our impact with women, children and youths more substantial. An example of the role of an Ambassador is to establish a sort of 501 (c) 3 for the case of the United States, this allows our organization to mobilize funding officially from the US as a US organization operating outside of the US.

Join Leading Change Uganda's Ambassador Program
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We are looking for Supporters, Champions and Ambassadors. These are international correspondents that assist with donor/sponsor solicitation. We are looking for a personality with exceptional character and self drive. If you are that person, Click 'Yes' below. We will need your ID later in this form


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