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Wangari Women’s Project
"An Informed, Educated, Empowered and Just Society"

About Us

"An informed, educated, empowered and Just Society"
Our Vision
We want to see  “an informed, educated, empowered and just society”
Our Mission
We are building and strengthenimg sustainable individuals, families, institutions and community initiatives for poverty eradication, education and development through partnerships at all levels.


Leading Change Uganda is non-governmental organization, which started in January 2013 by a group of young people who wanted to create the change they want to see in the world among children and women. Leading Change Uganda is inspired by the fact that the world should be a better place for everyone, regardless of their sex, age, religion, color and nationality. Leading Change Uganda is a not for profit, nonpartisan youth led non-governmental organization based in Wakiso district.

The organization is registered as a company limited by guarantee (without share capital); it was incorporated on 7th December 2016 as per the certificate of registration number 80020000007536. The mandate of the organization is to create positive change in the lives of children and women. LCU strives to empower children and women to effectively participate in their social economic development through training, access to education, information and other basic needs to improve their standard of living.


Many communities in Uganda cannot access education, information and basic needs. This is because most people live below the poverty line, staying in slums and villages. At Leading Change Uganda, we understand that education is key to getting people out of the debilitating and dehumanizing clutches of poverty. Hence, education is at the forefront our mission.
Access to education, particularly for the children in the poorest of poor families, is not always available. Leading Change Uganda is equipped to pass on knowledge and skills to children, youth and young women, enabling them to live better lives. The youth and children are Uganda’s future tomorrow, and women are the mothers of the nation who bring life into this wonderful world.


Our beneficiaries acquire knowledge and skills through a variety of training, such as entrepreneurship, financial management, consumerism, ICT and environment. The communities are also provided with basic needs such as clothes and food. As a youth-led organization, we allow enthusiastic young people to share their skills with other youths who have not had that chance. By sharing our skills, we are holding hands together to fight and end early child marriages, high youth unemployment, youth and community illiteracy, poverty, environmental degradation, and improve markets and livelihoods.
Governing Principle
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